About us

What does Fractality do?

Fractality places the human aspect of business in the forefront. Our goal is to use our expertise in facilitation and leadership development to create meaningful impact both locally and globally.

Our work focuses on three main pillars: Corporate social responsibility, personal and professional development and optimization of the corporate environment.

Top Three Services:

  1. Trainings, workshops, educational leadership programmes
  2. Counselling, consulting and Supervision
  3. Assessments, Appraisals, Executive Coaching

Current company conscious initiative(s):
Counselling to NGOs with Humanitarian action, volunteer programmes, Ecological and wild life initiatives. Accessible programmes and workshops to local communities and vulnerable groups.

1. Expertise

Fractality specializes in organizational development services and training with a wide range of application and high impact on employee commitment, collaboration, and in: Counselling, Coaching, Training, and Research for NGOs, NPOs, Private Organizations, Appreciative Team building, Appreciative Performance Appraisals & Leadership development, Facilitating organizations in identifying strategic objectives, improving operations and transforming culture, Strategic, performance & change management, Designing, Hosting and Collective Knowledge capturing for a wide range of participatory process in micro & macro systemic change, Process Optimization, Systemic Transformation, Stakeholder Engagement, Organizational Learning, Systems Thinking & Dynamics, Skills for women professional development and empowerment. Fractality is strongly committed to tackling deprivation and promoting inclusion so a substantial part of its work is to collaborate with partner organisations in order to:

  • Design, organise and realise educational and vocational training programs to help marginalized social groups develop skills, find employment and integrate into society
  • Participate in interventions and suggest measures to fight unemployment and social exclusion and to support entrepreneurship, social economy and sustainable development
  • Promote research and innovation, support cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices in the fields of entrepreneurship and sustainability Fractality can support clients and members with:
  • Improving their organizational effectiveness by consciously aligning their strategy, leadership, structure, processes, and culture
  • Teaching them to break through organizational immune systems that lock them in their current patterns and approaches Fractality helps organisations to incorporate business intelligence in the DNA of their organizational and operational processes:
  • To acquire a more precise image of their potential
  • To take advantage of new opportunities.

2. Target audience

Fractality understands the increasing diversity of our society and provides equitable educational opportunities for all adult learners, coming from diverse cultural, social, educational and economical backgrounds by identifying their needs, without discriminating on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity. To mention indicatively some of our courses we have carried out recently: ”Embracing Senior & Elder Leadership”. We worked with community leaders  to share and explore the role of leadership in the development of sustainable communities in our ”Skills for women’s professional development and female leadership” project.

3. Our work

Fractality have extensive experience of delivering leadership development courses for international participants. The Appreciative Leadership course (fractality.gr/appreciative-leadership/)is indicative of our work as a whole . Essentially, Appreciative Leadership promotes systemic generative change in organisations and communities. Its applications include: Strategic Planning, Vision-Values-Culture Articulation and Cascade, Leadership and Team Excellence, Coaching, Employee Engagement, Alliance Integration. A.L. facilitates organisation-wide changes through appreciative tapping of strengths, ideas, aspirations and co-evolved imagination.

Fractality is formed by experienced professionals from various disciplines who are committed to making a difference. Its members are devoted to the promotion of social economy and sustainability and CSR principles throughout Europe but especially in countries of Southern Europe which face an economic crisis. They have organised and participated as individuals (coordinators) in many different European Projects such as Grundtvig, Leonardo, Youth in Action, etc.

Fractality staff are continually seeking new synergies and collaborations to share knowledge and to create new routes to tackling disadvantage. The funding opportunities for us are diverse, we work as a social responsibility conscious organisation, in today’s landscape of opportunities for entities like ours.

We mainly work with:

Governmental institutions, public bodies, municipalities:
– City of Reykjavik department of Education and Youth IS,
– Katholische Kirche Steiermark
– Municipal Theatre of Piraeus
– Evia Chamber of Commerce
– Municipal Theater of Marathon
– Municipality of Dionisus
– Workers Association for Business and Human Resources Management Macedonia GR

Institutes and social enterprises we have collaborated with the:
– Cypriot Pedagogical Institute under the ministry of education
– Hellenic American College, HAEC
– International Supervision and Coaching Institute, ISCE
– Social Psychiatric and Mental Health Company
– Goethe Institute in Greece
– Institute for Global Integral Competence e.V Germany
– University of Nottingham Innovation Park UK
– Kasvuruum OÜ LtD
– Hellas Employee Assistance Programs Ltd GR
– OVC Consulting LT

Non-profit organisations
– Ubele Initiative UK
– Civil College Foundation, CKA
– Multilingua Keelekeskus OÜ ES
– Estonian Dance and Circus Therapy Union
– Österreichischer Gebärdensprach-DolmetscherInnen- und -ÜbersetzerInnen-Verband AU
– The Goodwill Caravan U.K Charity
– Verein Rhizomatic Circus ES, VESTIFEX OÜ
– Kohila Vallavalitsus
– Zinthiya Trust UK
– African Development & Advocacy Centre, AFRIDAC UK

International and Local Enterprises e.g. PWC, Interamerican, Athens Medical Group

EU funding opportunities mostly within the Erasmus+ scheme to deliver non-profit educational programmes to EU citizens/ or partner country participants (e.g. recently, we have been granted funding for a KA210 and KA122 projects).

We also carry out courses as an EU training provider and providing counselling services to teams and individuals

4. Our philosophy

Our professional activities mainly focus on training and educational services. Fractality as an EU Adult training and counselling provider strives for delivering top quality educational courses to the public. Our corporate social responsibility plan dictates that we always look for ways to maximise our capacity for facilitating courses for persons with less opportunities. Erasmus funded projects constitute the main resource to achieve such goals and we are devoted to lifelong learning and training our staff (train the trainer) in order to ensure that cutting edge educational products are disseminated within our network. Moreover, in this day and age of ever changing technological evolution in the field of education, our organisation has come to face the challenges of the modern day digital transformation.

5. Experience with Erasmus+

We wish tο provide the opportunity for staff and learners of our community for intercultural exchange and building our intercultural competencies as well as utilising the inter-connectivity of the Erasmus+ Key Action Scheme. One of the most important challenges we are facing is budgeting and limited resources for making educational opportunities widely available to vulnerable and people with less opportunities. Fractality’s experience starts at 2007 with our participation in a Leonardo Da Vinci programme. Ever since, our organisation has acted as a receiving organisation and has implemented numerous of relevant educational and vocational programmes in the last decade. In the last years we were delighted to be involved as applicants and leading partners in a KA2 small scale partnership and a KA1 staff exchange. Specifically, our ongoing project: ”DigiDots- Digital Activism for Youth Inclusion” has been οnly one of our recent endeavors to seek empowerment and Inclusion and ways to promote the aforementioned concepts. DigiDots has successfully completed two interculturalblended youth mobilities bringing young people together and providing educational opportunities regarding Digital activism. Our KA1: ”Femina Magna – Integral Women Empowerment” is an integral point in our organisation’s strive for empowering women in the workforce as we deem one of main goals as an organisation to be equality in the workspace and providing opportunities for women.

About Us

To make ourselves as valuable to our clients as they are to us.
We live out this goal by adhering to the following basic values:

  • Our commitment to providing state of the art, cutting edge, high quality services: We are constantly updating our knowledge base and seek out further education in the fields of organisational development and training.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We deem the social role of enterprises both as a value as well as a goal for our organisation. We strive for providing to our local and global community in an accessible manner.
  • Clients come first: Client satisfaction is important to us. We work alongside our clients in order to deliver services that completely satisfy their needs and help achieve their goals.
  • Wellbeing: We center wellbeing in the core of our value system and view it as the root for personal and organisational resilience, self-improvement, work-life balance, optimal performance, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Objectivity
  • Quality service
  • Clients come first
  • Results make us grow
  • Personal commitment
  • Entrepreneurship is a way of life
  • Commitment to the highest ethical standards
  • Personal success is measurable and attainable


  • Deliver significant business results
  • Improving dramatically their organizational effectiveness by consciously aligning their strategy, leadership, structure, processes, and culture.
  • Teaching them to break through organizational immune systems that lock them in their current patterns and approaches.
  • To acquire a more precise image of their potential;
  • To take advantage of new opportunities in order to meet customers’ needs more promptly and fully than competitors.
  • We employ a substantial variety of methods and approaches conducive to the implementation of specific and manageable solutions intended to meet customer requirements in all conditions and circumstances.
  • Our methods involve feelings as well as intellect, which means that we work around the dilemmas and problems in a different – both wider and deeper way.
  • We tend more and more to see our work as contributing to the emerging conversations around understanding and getting on the paradoxes and conflicts in the organization.
  • We are sensitive to the wealth external stimuli, keep pace with the latest developments, act in accordance with international best practices and collaborate with networks of certified advisors abroad.

Fractality’s development is identified with the concern for the employees, the clients, society and environment. Fractality’s main belief is that companies can and should be the locomotive for a better world.

Our employers have participated in voluntary programs and it has realized educational and development programs of local societies. At the moment Fractality realizes social and environmental programs, whose aim is to inform the producers about the new environmental standards and the enhancement of ecotourism.

We also try to bring to ourcustomers the culture of saving energy and water, as well as using recycling materials.

The sense for Corporate Responsibility is part of our company’s DNA. From the beginning of our activities we have supported actions and taken initiatives for issues concerning environmental protection, the support of less privileged social groups, education and work orientation, the protection of the consumers whenever possible.

It is the discovery for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. It is an art and practice of asking the unconditional positive questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend anticipate and heighten positive potential. Instead of negation, criticism and spiraling diagnosis, there is discovery, dream, design and destiny. It works form accounts of the “positive change core”.

Al links the energy of the positive core directly to any change agenda and changes never thought possible are suddenly and democratically mobilized.

One Goal:
“Seek the root cause of success.”
(not the root cause of failure)
Two Laws:
“What you look for is what you find.”
(The questions you ask determine the answers you get.)
“Where you think you are going is where you end up.”
Three Principles:
“If you look for problems, you find more problems.”
“If you look for success, you find more success.”
If you have faith in your dreams, you can accomplish miracles.”

Companies recognize nowadays that information is a capital of strategic importance. Our strategic approach of information is inspired by the Balanced Scorecard and Appreciative Inquiry methodologies, which are being applied to the daily business practice helping the organisations to develop effectively their strategy transforming it into measurable aims. The development of measurable aims according to the company’s strategy offers the possibility of constant strategy evaluation and adjustment of the company, so that the sum of company’s activities, resources and initiatives are aligned in the same direction and vision.

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