Integral Leadership Retreat

Using integrative, embodiment and appreciative leadership tools

Course description

Rediscovering and establishing our connection with inner and outer values and perspectives, space and time. This course shall pave the way for joy, deep and long-term personal and professional success, self-completion, and a better life both in one’s physical and psychological plane.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based, inclusive and actionable approach towards large system change and development. Appreciative Inquiry works on the premise that every organic system has some inherent generative forces, which when amplified, unleash positive energy and enable collective commitment.

This integral approach is inclusive or holistic rather than exclusivist or reductive, and it values and integrates multiple explanations and methodologies. Various domains and lines of development and intelligences will be explored, including cognitive, ethical, aesthetic, spiritual, kinesthetic, affective, musical, spatial, logical-mathematical.

The course will use principles of

  • integral theory,
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • emotional intelligence (EQ)


The combination of Systemic, Appreciative and integral approaches is a powerful package for leading systemic generative change in organizations and communities. Wellness involves techniques of mindfulness in looking at one’s overall inner picture and areas of potential change, while EQ and spiritual intelligence principles are proven to enhance both relationships and awareness in positive community change.

The integral approach (also called integral psychology or integral philosophy) is a grand synthesis of all the major psychologies of the West and meditative traditions of the East.


  • Motivating intervention strategies for resilient and more productive workplaces and lifestyle.
  • Developing a more positive perspective
  • Reflect upon your actions and prepare new actions.


The programme is flexible and will be tailored to the experience and requirements of the participants.


  • Opening and introduction
  • Opening Round –
  • Getting to know each other
  • Expectations Round
  • Setting up the Agenda

Break (20 min)


Appreciative Inquiry (A.I.)

  • Introduction and Overview of Appreciative Inquiry (A.I.)
  • Principles of Understanding and Practicing
  • 4D model – Discovery process

Lunch Break 13.00-14.30


Understanding the Stages of Development
Theory and preparation for practice
Experiential Exercises
Reflective Sharing Round
Closing of the day – 5 min

Recommendation: Free time on the beach, opportunity for socialising

Local Evening – welcome reception


  •  Check in Opening Round
  • Warming Up Exercise, Playful Movement and Connecting
  • Selection of focus person and workout



  • Individual workout in the large group
  • Psychodramatic Process – Workouts
  • Plenary session – Sharing and processing round

Lunch Break 13:00 – 14:30


  • 2D Envisioning Process
  • Cultivating a generative approach- Workouts


  • Workouts
  • Formulation of working groups and Journaling
  • Sharing and processing round for the whole group


  • Morning Check in Opening Round
  • Flow exercise music and movement – go longer, deeper
  • 3D Design – Appreciative action planning
  • Practicing ‘Appreciative Conversations’- Workouts


  • Workouts II

Lunch Break


  • Flow group exercise
  • Psychodramatic individual work out
  • Circling


  • Sharing and reflections

17:30 Recommendation: enjoy free time on the beach, and socialize with people


  • Morning Check in Opening Round
  • Mindfulness Exercises (part 1)
  • 4D Destiny/Delivery


  • Circling process
  • Flow process
  • Drama & Fishbowl process

Lunch Break 13:00 – 14:30

AFTERNOON SESSION 14:30 – 19:30(3,5 hrs)

Outdoor Group Program – Mountains and Beach Together

  • Excursion on the mountains with nature mindfulness
  • Beach relaxation time, replenish and socialize.

Excursion – Outdoor activity

  • Co-learning from nature and  other resilient environments
  • Reflections
  • Evaluations
  • Closing


  • Morning Check in Opening Round
  • Open Space Technology process / Pro-action Cafe
  • Sharing and processing round for the whole group

Lunch Break 13:00 – 14:30

AFTERNOON SESSION 14:30 – 17:30 (3,5 hrs)

  • Feedback on each other in working groups and Journaling
  • Evaluation / Integration
  • Big Circle: Participants future ideas, invitations to each other
  • Nonverbal Flow Farewell exercise
  • Mindfulness Exercises (part 2)
  • The role of spiritual intelligence in relationships, workplace, home, community
  • Awareness of habits and areas of potential change
  • Better management of time and re-thinking priorities
  • Caring for self and community – the benefits of health literacy
  • Building empathy, and spiritual well-being
  • Practical implementation

Designed for participants/groups

Designed for individuals, groups and organizations who are interested in team-building activities or individuals who want to increase their toolbox and awareness skill-set. It is also designed for staff members of any public or private organisations active in the field of education, training and youth, or active in the labour market, more specifically for: managers, coaches, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and Organisational Development professionals specialised in HR.


Dr. Markos Perrakis is a leadership development & process facilitator, psychologist, speaker, consultant and trainer of individuals and teams, founder and Managing Director of Fractality ( Organisational Development Services and ISO 9001:2008. He designs and implements EU projects in the fields of leadership development and strategic planning, and uses eclectic appreciative approaches in the public and private sector in order to promote effective communication, individual and collective process development. He specializes in coaching, supervision, human capital development, training and assessment. He is trained in Systemic Consultation, solution focused & cognitive behavioural approaches, methods of participatory design, Spiritual Intelligence, a certified provider of Vocational Guidance and Professional Orientation, utilizing psychometric assessments and coaching tools for teams and individuals in organizational, career and personality issues. He is representative of the Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe (ANSE), Scientific partner of the European Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (EUMU) in Greece, in the fields of Strategic Planning and Human Capital Development programmes.

Bence Ganti MA, is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator and an internationally known speaker on Integral Theory. He is the creator of the Integral Flow Experience group process. He moved part-time to San Francisco, California, and since then he has split his time 50-50% between Europe and the United States. In 2016 he became a Hungarian-American dual citizen. The integral approach (also called integral psychology or integral philosophy) is a grand synthesis of all the major psychologies of the West and meditative traditions of the East. For the 21st century in the era of global connectedness, we also need a global psychology that takes into account all systems out there, and instead of asking “Which is true?” suggests that all have truth and connects them into a unified theory of human psychology.


Our program takes place in the Island of Crete, one of the most exotic destinations of the Aegean Sea in Greece. The workshop and the accommodation is at the unique 4-star village resort of Porto Platanias in Chania that provides you with safe and luxurious accommodations.

It is the perfect place to combine personal growth with holidays. This Mediterranean destination embraces both sea and charming nature. Porto Platanias Village is located within walking distance from the beach and the village of Platanias. Local taverns, Greek eateries, and arts shops draw people from all around the world and contribute to the vibrant feeling of the Cretan summer, still offering 30°C (86°F) daytime temperatures and 25°C (77°F) warm sea to enjoy in September.

For more information on the venue, visit:

Closest international airports: Chania (24 km); Heraklion (165 km).

Participation Fee

We believe in giving opportunity for all participants from less or more privileged regions to have equal participation opportunity. Participants can join based on regional differences, and with negotiation offering prices that fit their earning standards. The prices listed below are the best value-for-money of the regional prices.

Total price for Eastern European
With double room accommodation:   950€
With single room accommodation: 1,150€
Total price for Western European
With double room accommodation: 1,500€
With single room accommodation: 1,700€

All prices include:

– A 4-star hotel accommodation
– Breakfast
– Welcome cocktail
– Lunch
– 6day workshop tuition fee
– Educational materials
– Certificate of participation at the end

Additional option:

  • A half-day excursion with the group led by locals – €50

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Cancellation Policy*

Until 30 days before the starting date of the selected workshop, cancellation will be free of charge and the pre-payment will be fully refunded. Between 30 to 15 days before the starting date of the workshop, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Within the 15 days before the starting date of the workshop no refunds will be made.

Erasmus +

If you are a legal entity (profit organization, NGO, University, scientific or cultural institution) and you want to apply for the Erasmus+ funding please read the information below:


All our training courses are designed in such a way to align with the Erasmus+ quality criteria and to address the various priorities of the programme.

Our team will be glad to assist you, if you need any help with your application.

Application deadline

Please note that the application deadline for Erasmus+ funding is the 5th of February 2020, 12:00 CET.

Questions or concerns? please contact us at [email protected] or call +30210601052.

For Erasmus+ funding

Fractality is a course provider registered with the European Commission. If participants want to make use of the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, they don’t have to pre-pay the workshop fee as long as the result of the grant application is pending. Participants need to complete this application and return it to Fractality.

When the application for Erasmus+ has been successful, participants should pre-pay the workshop fee(s) to Fractality.

In the event that the application to Erasmus+ has been unsuccessful, participants have to inform us immediately, to either cancel participation in the workshop or offer to pay the workshop fee without EU financial support.