Burnout - 1Day Prevention Workshop
Cool Down the Fire within
Burnout could be everybody’s story

Burnout is an insidious phenomenon that combines the work stress situations (customer requirement, the organization of pressure, job insecurity, relational difficulties …) and individual response to stress (need for recognition, perfectionism).

The consequences of Burnout are very important: collective and organizational demotivation, loss of efficiency, individual suffering and work climate weakened, absenteeism…

These are very good reasons for your organization to equip your employees with fresh and efficient technics, preventing them from Burnout and maintaining their well-being.

  • Are your people ENERGIZED at work?
  • Are your people CREATIVE at work?
  • Are your people HAPPY at work?
  • Are your people OPTIMISTIC at work?

Taking benefit of the latest discoveries of Neuroscience, it has been identified the mental zone that can literally change the brain to quiet an overly active stress response system and simultaneously pave the way for higher brain networks to perform at optimum. The more people function from this mental zone, the less they stress, and the more their brain lights up with the mix of intelligence that predicts an ECHO© life.

How do we act?

Through instant learning and integration, we ensure that our workshop participants have the most specific tools to refill and reenergized themselves during their next vacations. Our team assists individuals and organizations by operating on three levels: individual, relational, systemic and using cognitive spheres, bodily and emotional with simple, easy and quick steps.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for Individuals, Employees, Coaches, Consultants, Managers, Team Leaders and HR professionals.

Key learning

In just a day, participants will discover and integrate through practical modules the ins and outs of the burn out:

  • A practical brain based approach model including definition, symptoms, triggers and prevention modes (warning signs of burnout, self-awareness and proactive prevention).
  • Understand the differences between stress and burnout.
  • Tips to calm and harmonize the body and the mind like the 5 to 10 minute exercise to center the Self.
  • Presentation of the ECHO© scan measuring the energy/stress level of individual’s.
  • Personalised Burnout Prevention Plan.

The Workshop will take place both in English and Greek language.


Dr Markos Perrakis is a Psychologist, specialized in human capital development and training for more than 15 years with international experience. He is scientific partner of EUMU (European Union of SMEs), iOpener institute – Oxford UK and representative of ANSE (Association of national organizations for supervision in Europe) in Greece

Carole De Bruyn is a   Holistic Motivational   Coach, PCC level accredited from the International Coach Federation. Her experience combines practical understanding of real world business performance with a proven record in assisting individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Investment: 400 €

You may benefit from OAED fund (LAEK 0.45)

Special Fee for individuals (contact us)