Building resilience Post Covid-19

Appreciative Learning Lab

Workshop description

Organisations today are microcosms of the wider world that is currently faced with many challenges: growing stress and pressure from several sides – constant change; bureaucracy; strained relationships; lack of motivation and vision; which all take their toll on the quality of teaching as well as learning results.

In addition to this, the educational, cultural and training institutions are preparing the new generations for the future that might be hugely unknown and insecure — given the immense technological, demographic, economic and political changes that we are facing. Within the boundaries of the systems in which we work, the capacity for resilience and positive relationship toward change and people is becoming a key competency. The quality of self-leadership directly affects the quality of collaboration, co-creation and learning. Our aim is to teach participants how to:

  • grow individual and collective resilience in educational institutions
  • reclaim the joy of learning together even within the current system limitations
  • rebuild trust in oneself and others
  • reclaim one’s gifts as educator, by creating generative space where everybody can shine
  • facilitate positive relationships that are key for good learning results


The course builds on proven methods for positive change:

  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Connecting (Nonviolent) communication with oneself and others
  • Art of Hosting Collaborative Change Processes
  • Mindfulness and Embodied Self-leadership.

The participants will receive a toolkit of methods that are easily transferable to their educational settings.


The course offers practical tools on how to build resilience through individual and collective learning in times of challenges and change. It will also help participants to deal with challenging situations and problematic symptoms from another, more generative perspective.

The course also helps build the trainers, facilitators and educators’ trust and self-trust in times of immense societal changes, so that they can become their best versions – by using proven methods that build resilient and appreciative perception, reflection and action.


  • Fostering resilience and appreciative attitude in individuals, teams and organisations
  • Reclaiming integrity, passion and vision as trainer & educator
  • Shifting prevalent paradigms: e.g. from limiting beliefs to uncovering gifts and opportunities
  • Building a culture of positive challenges
  • Cultivating positive (inner) dialogue during change / in intense situations
  • Conflict as opportunity to connect and co-create solutions that work for all
  • From theory to practice: appreciative teaching and learning lab


  • Opening and introduction
  • Aligning individual and collective learning goals for the week
  • Future carousel (experiential method transferable to learning contexts)
  • Theory of change
  • Introduction and framework of Appreciative inquiry
  • 4D Model
  • From downloading to generative listening
  • Discovery process – Positive core of resilience
    Local Evening – welcome reception
  • Envisioning process – individual and collective level
  • Reflection circle
  • Participatory processes and tools for building coalitions part I
  • Practice
  • Homegroup learning teams
  • Participatory processes and tools for building coalitions part II
  • Practice
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Design process: Appreciative problem solving
  • Self empathy: tool for building intrapersonal resilience
  • Conflict transformation for building collective resilience and co-creating solutions that work for all Part I
  • Practice
  • Embodied self-leadership for staying centred in intense situations
  • Revisioning
  • Conflict transformation Part II
  • Practice
  • Walking reflection
  • Discovering and mobilising sources of resilience in environment
  • Experiential circle reflection: co-affirming gifts, talents and sources of resilience
  • Delivery process:
  • Reactive resilience: reaction and strength-based coping capacities
  • Proactive resilience: transformation and transformational capacities


  • Co-learning from nature and  other resilient environments
  • Reflections
  • Morning Check in Opening Round
  • Open Space Technology process / Pro-action Cafe
  • Feedback – working groups and Journaling
  • Evaluation / Integration
  • Closing

Duration: 6 days

Dates:      Upon Request
(Start at 10:00 am on Saturday-
End at 14:00 on Thursday)

Location:  Chania Area, Crete, Greece


Designed for participants/groups

This workshop is designed for staff members of any organisation active in the field of education, training and Youth, and more specifically for: managers, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, personal & professional development specialists


Dr. Markos Perrakis is a leadership development & process facilitator, psychologist, speaker, consultant and trainer of individuals and teams, founder and Managing Director of the EU Adult training & Counseling Provider Fractality. He designs and implements EU projects in the fields of leadership development and strategic planning, and uses eclectic appreciative approaches in the public and private sector in order to promote effective communication, individual and collective process development. He specializes in coaching, supervision, human capital development, training and assessments. He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Styles and their efficiency in organisations with publications in the fields of organizational psychology and counseling and a M.A. in clinical Psychology. He is trained in Systemic Consultation, solution focused & cognitive behavioural approaches, methods of participatory design, Spiritual Intelligence, a certified provider of Vocational Guidance and Professional Orientation, utilizing psychometric assessments and coaching tools for teams and individuals in organizational, career and personality issues and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.  He is representative of the Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe (ANSE), Member of International Intervision Groups, Scientific Assistant of SOL (Society of Organisational Learning), Scientific partner of the European Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (EUMU) in Greece, in the fields of Strategic Planning and Human Capital Development programmes.

Dr. Perrakis is one of the first persons in Greece who applied the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, which is used in the UN Summit by UN leaders. In contrast to the traditional management approaches that focus on problems, the appreciative approach makes use of the potential of the human capital of organizations

Marjeta Novak, MSc, has been helping to build resilient futures of organisations, communities and individuals using strength-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Collaborative Change Management, Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, Circle Dialogue Process and Nonviolent Communication. She is also a life-transition guide trained by the School of Lost Borders. Marjeta has been facilitating strategic dialogues for over 15 years; bringing together unlikely allies to co-create life-serving solutions that honour the needs and contributions by all in a variety of contexts – from educational to corporate to community settings. Is a Certified Professional Facilitator; The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter national steward, The Circle Way Board member, and CNVC-certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Marjeta is dedicated to promoting appreciative participatory approaches to reclaim the meaning of work/life; the joy of collaboration and connection; as well as the trust and the self-confidence to make impact towards desired futures. During her 15+ visits to Crete, Marjeta has been deeply touched by the island’s resilient history and on numerous occasions witnessed the island community’s power to host and transform people participating in a gentle yet profound way.  More about Marjeta here:


Our program takes place in the Island of Crete, one of the most abundant destinations of the Aegean Sea in Greece – in terms of 5,0000-year culture and breathtaking nature. The venue (workshop & accommodation) is located at the unique 4-star village resort of Porto Platanias in Chania within walking distance from the beach and the village of Platanias.

It is a perfect place to host professional and personal development. During the end of October, the air and the sea are still pleasantly warm – to further support participants in developing their personal strength and resilience.

For more information on the venue, visit:

Closest international airports: Chania (24 km); Heraklion (165 km).

Aegean Airlines operates convenient flights to Crete from most of European capitals.

Participation Fee

Total price:

A. With double room accommodation: 1,250 €
B. With single room accommodation:   1,450 €
     All prices include:
    – 4-star hotel accommodation; 5 nights
    – Breakfast
    – Welcome cocktail
    – Lunch
    – Full 6-day workshop tuition fee
    – Educational materials
    – Certificate of participation

 Additional option:

 A half-day excursion with the group led by locals

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Questions or concerns? please contact us at [email protected] or call +302106010522.
Cancellation Policy*

Until 30 days before the starting date of the selected workshop, cancellation will be free of charge and the pre-payment will be fully refunded. Between 30 to 15 days before the starting date of the workshop, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Within the 15 days before the starting date of the workshop no refunds will be made.