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The new EU Erasmus+ Programme provides funding opportunities for further education (adult training) for educational professionals of each field with a special focus on organisational capacity.

What Erasmus+ is:

Great opportunities for professional development of professionals

Erasmus+ (and specifically the so-called Key Action 1) offers grants for professional development of staff of school, adult and higher education, as well as Youth organisations (formal or informal). This means that organisations can apply for a grant to cover preparation, travel, course fees and accommodation of staff abroad.

erasmus+ description

The Actions supported under Key Action 1 are expected to produce positive and long-lasting effects on the participants and participating organisations involved, as well as on the policy systems in which such activities are framed.

Erasmus+ supports learning mobility of staff that:

  • is framed into a strategic approach of the participating organisations (aimed at modernising and internationalising their mission)
  • responds to clearly identified staff development needs and is accompanied by appropriate selection, preparation and follow-up measures
  • ensures that the learning outcomes of participating staff are properly recognised, disseminated and widely used within the organisation
Who is eligible?

Key Action 1 supports mobility projects in the field of education, training and youth.

Professionals like teachers, trainers, counsellors, consultants, inspectors, school psychologists, career guides, teacher trainers etc are eligible

Professionals as well as non-professionals (volunteers) of such occupations, both educational staff as well as supporting staff (e.g. management), are eligible to be funded by the new Erasmus+ programme, as long as they reside and their organisation is based in all EU countries, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Iceland, FYROM.


In line with the annual Work Programme adopted by the Commission, the following Erasmus+ policy priorities are related to our International Funding Programmes:

promoting healthy behaviours, in particular through the promotion of the practice of outdoor activities, as a means to promote healthy lifestyles as well as to foster social inclusion and the active participation of young people in society
developing basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism in the field of youth, using innovative and learner-centred pedagogical approaches and developing appropriate assessment and certification methods based on learning outcomes
promoting stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be easily recognised across borders

Helpful Details

For detailed information on the funding rules, please consult the Erasmus+ Programme Guide (3.91 Mb)

Distance calculator  in order to calculate your travel cost and respective grand according to the following Erasmus Programme Guide.

Erasmus +

If you are a legal entity (profit organization, NGO, University, scientific or cultural institution) and you want to apply for the Erasmus+ funding please read the information below:


All our training courses are designed in such a way to align with the Erasmus+ quality criteria and to address the various priorities of the programme.

Our team will be glad to assist you, if you need any help with your application.

Application deadline

Please note that the application deadline for Erasmus+ funding is the   23rd of February 2023 & 4th October 2023, 13.00 CET.

Questions or concerns? please contact us at [email protected] or call +302106010522.