Linguistics in Appreciative Leadership

How to achieve linguistic master class in my team’s optimal performance

Greece, Crete

Course description

While traditional leadership focuses on problems, Appreciative Leadership focuses on potential, improves organizations and individuals by finding out what is working well and trying to get more out of it. It aims at getting the best out of people who are engaged in a system or a situation.

When we are overwhelmed by negative thinking about mistakes and responsibility, the positive approach of Appreciative Inquiry offers plenty of advantages to meet over increasing demands.

During the course we will also focus on language as a tool while communication is the process of using that tool. Language focuses on words, symbols or signs while communication is centered on the message.

Therefore, the linguistic correctness (appreciative language usage) allows us to be precise in expressing our thoughts appropriately to orient the challenging situations.


A.L. leads systemic generative change in organizations and communities. Its applications include: Strategic Planning, Vision-Values-Culture Articulation and Cascade, Leadership and Team Excellence, Coaching, Employee Engagement, Alliance Integration.
L. facilitates organization-wide changes through appreciative tapping of strengths, ideas, aspirations and co-evolved imagination. Language barriers are the most common communication barriers in any context which cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people. There are few approaches to this argument: integrative, communicative and solution-focused approach.


Participants will use practical exercises and tools in the following ways:

  • picturing/mapping the current situation of the Organization or individuals (skills, manpower, organization and personal effectiveness, adequacy of available resources)
  • helping to maximize their ability to clarify the client’ and team vision, to deal with the problematic symptoms from another perspective or other important issues
  • designing the necessary actions for the company or the individual to achieve their objectives or the desired issues
  • developing their positive perspective in terms of linguistic expression (forming the right questions; the language of agreeing/disagreeing, compromising, clarifying, persuading, etc)
  • becoming aware of intercultural diversities
  • becoming accustomed with non-verbal communication in terms of body language (e.g. body movements, facial expressions and eye contact, appearance, personal space, energy exchange)
  • becoming familiar with the basic coaching leadership techniques (building awareness, creating responsibility, using miracle questions, giving/taking feedback, reflecting) as it forms a part of AL.


Duration: 6 days

Dates: Upon request

Location: Greece, Crete

This workshop is highly experiential and participative. It consists of short theoretical inputs, concrete exercises, and group discussions. By reflecting upon and applying each tool to your real-life cases from your everyday work will give an opportunity to practise and gain new insights into your current dilemmas. Furthermore, the acquired methods and personal feedback for your linguistic skills in communication will be useful for the future personal and professional development.

  • Welcome rounds and introductions
  • Appreciative icebreaker
  • Introduction to the course and framework of Appreciative Leadership
  • General Principles of AL
  • Formulation of working teams
  • Check in – Reflection of the previous day
  • The art of Questioning (miracle questions)
  • Results of AL
  • 4D Model
  • Discovery process (The best of what is)
  • Dreaming/Envisioning process
  • Picturing/Mapping the situation
  • Reflection of the previous day
  • How to work with AL
  • GROW Model
  • Design process (What should be)
  • Delivery process (What will we do?)
  • Action planning/Sustaining
  • Reflection of the previous day
  • Alignment of your own styles and methodologies with AL – Group process
  • Co-creating your AL intervention
  • Cases.
  • Outdoor activities
  • Practical implementation
  • Reflection/feedback/feedforward (methods)
  • Open Space Technology (OST) – Tips
  • Debriefing and Closing

Designed for participants/groups

This workshop is designed for staff members of any public or private organisation active in the field of education, training and Youth, or active in the labour market, more specifically for: managers, leaders, psychologists, coaches, trainers, social workers, counsellors and Organisational Development professionals specialised in HR.


Dr. Markos Perrakis is a leadership development & process facilitator, psychologist, speaker, consultant and trainer of individuals and teams, founder and Managing Director of the EU Adult training & Counseling Provider Fractality. He designs and implements EU projects in the fields of leadership development and strategic planning, and uses eclectic appreciative approaches in the public and private sector in order to promote effective communication, individual and collective process development. He specializes in coaching, supervision, human capital development, training and assessments. He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Styles and their efficiency in organisations with publications in the fields of organizational psychology and counseling and a M.A. in clinical Psychology. He is trained in Systemic Consultation, solution focused & cognitive behavioural approaches, methods of participatory design, Spiritual Intelligence, a certified provider of Vocational Guidance and Professional Orientation, utilizing psychometric assessments and coaching tools for teams and individuals in organizational, career and personality issues and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.  He is representative of the Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe (ANSE), Member of International Intervision Groups, Scientific Assistant of SOL (Society of Organisational Learning), Scientific partner of the European Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (EUMU) in Greece, in the fields of Strategic Planning and Human Capital Development programmes.

Dr. Perrakis is one of the first persons in Greece who applied the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, which is used in the UN Summit by UN leaders. In contrast to the traditional management approaches that focus on problems, the appreciative approach makes use of the potential of the human capital of organizations

Evelyn Soidla performs as an English Language Coach. She supports international business people in more effective verbal (English language) and non-verbal communication. As a certified English teacher/trainer, a coach and supervisor, she assists people to gain the confidence needed to improve and master their conversations, presentations, e-mails et al in English. She focuses on helping her clients to learn how English language system works and how to put it into action with relevant vocabulary, correct pronunciation, grammar, and interpersonal nuances. Being an associated member of ANSE (Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe) and ESCY (Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association) has given opportunities to collaborate in international world by being a coaching partner to several organisations and individuals.


Our programme takes place in the Island of Crete, one of the most exotic destinations of the Aegean Sea in Greece. The workshop and the accommodation is at the unique 4-star village resort of Porto Platanias in Chania that provides you with safe and luxurious accommodations. It is the perfect place to combine personal growth with holidays.

This Mediterranean destination embraces both sea and charming nature. Porto Platanias Village is located within walking distance from the beach and the village of Platanias. Local taverns, Greek eateries, and arts shops draw people from all around the world and contribute to the vibrant feeling of the Cretan summer, still offering 30°C (86°F) daytime temperatures and 25°C (77°F) warm sea toenjoy in September. For more information on the venue, visit:

Closest international airports: Chania (24 km); Heraklion (165 km)

Participation Fee

Option A.

The fee for this course is 780€.

Option A price include

– Tuition fees

– Educational materials

– Certificates of participation at the end

– Beverages and a welcome cocktail

Accommodation and meals are not included in the above fees.

Option B.

Total full package price for participants with double room accommodation: 1,250€:

Option B prices include:

– A 4*star hotel accommodation

– Breakfast

– Lunch or dinner

– Tuition fees

– Educational materials

– Certificates of participation at the end

– Beverages and a welcome cocktail

Additional option:

– A full-day excursion with the group led by locals with local snacks and drinks – €50

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