Thinking Creatively-Communicating Effectively

Building active citizenship from the inside

Think out of the box. Find the right words. Express yourself in public. Be authentic. Inspire!

Course description

Creative thinking offers the ability of producing many, good and original ideas – a feature necessary in all workplaces, but also in everyday life. The production of ideas is associated, among other things, with fast and satisfactory problem solving – a skill that can improve interpersonal relationships and make any kind of collaboration fruitful and productive.

In fact, in combination with the so-called “listener education” and the ability to effectively express, in oral or written speech, the desired messages, creative thinking fuels and promotes constructive dialogue and communication and offers the flexibility, originality and adaptability required by the, usually demanding, communication in private or public surroundings.


  • Highly experiential learning – all theory resulting from practice
  • Partly co-creation of each day’s final program, according to needs and wishes of participants
  • Agile learning and democratic education techniques
  • Every day team challenges designed to create entertainment and feeling of “belonging”


Participants will use practical exercises and tools in the following ways:

  • Self empowerment·
  • Development of important life skills·
  • Enrichment of teaching methods
  • Developing their positive perspective


This workshop is highly experiential and participative. It consists of short theoretical inputs, concrete exercises, and group discussions. Reflecting upon and applying each tool to your real-life cases from your everyday work, you will practise and gain new insights into your current dilemmas.

  • Increase our Energy – Positive core
  • What “creativity” means – The characteristics of the creative person – The characteristics of the creative student – The obstacles of creative thinking ·
  • The stages of the creative cycle (simulations in various problems, utilization in work projects, team issues and collaboration)·
  • Evaluation of creative thinking
  • Basic creative thinking techniques·
  • Theatrical activities promoting self confidence and free oral expression
    (Team Challenge No1)

Local Evening – welcome reception

  • Discovery process
  • Ed de Bono’s creative thinking techniques and programs: CoRT program
  • Kieran Egan’s imaginative education in everyday school and family action
  • Oral and written speech
    (key features and differences in assessment, examples and discourse analysis)
  • Orality (“We do not speak as we write” – style exercises)
  • The body language in oral communication and how it “underlines” our speech
  • Public speaking: how to develop self-confidence and cultivate a good relationship with my audience
  • Let’s Improvise! (Team Challenge No2)
  • Sensing the Nature with Outdoor & indoor activities
    • Team and Leadership games in nature.
    • Team management: coordinate discussions, set goals, plan and implement actions, take initiatives, encourage and support.
    • Storytelling by the fire! (Team Challenge No3)
  • Inspiring speech: the aesthetic side of speech as a means of oral and written expression (creative writing and narration).
  • Do it like Aristoteles – Principles of communicating effectively with your audience and how to avoid the 12 basic obstacles.
  • Conflict resolution in a peaceful way: develop empathy, learn the method of “no defeat” (“win-win”), use active listening and “I” messages (Team Challenge No4)
  • Ways and means of persuasion: the rhetorical argument and the “traps of persuasion” (the game of fallacies),
  • Logical reasoning and emotion: when, where and how
  • “Don’t hate, debate!” – Argumentation as a way of thinking and acting in the public sphere (Team Challenge No 5)

Excursion – Outdoor activity

  • Morning Check in Opening Round
    • Open Public Speaking Event with local educators and students
    • Participants vote for Best Team
  • Open Space Technology process
  • Sharing and processing round for the whole group
  • Debriefing, Certificates & evaluations
  • Closing

The workshop is proudly supported by the MA “Rhetoric, Humanities and Education” (University of Athens) and the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education – a renowned non-profit organization devoted in promoting experiential learning through rhetorical and democratic education since 2009.

Duration:    6 days

Dates:         02-11/09/2023

Location:    Chania- Crete, Greece

Designed for participants/groups

This workshop is aimed at adults and young graduates who want to develop their oral speech and enrich their communication skills. At the same time, it is of interest to those who, in combination with oral speech, wish to cultivate their creative thinking and come in contact with specific techniques of producing ideas (team leaders, managers,  journalists, writers, lawyers etc.).

It is also aimed at those who are or will be dealing with students or groups of students / adults and want to place special emphasis on cultivating creative thinking and oral speech with a variety of experiential activities (regardless of the subject they teach).


Valia Loutrianaki ( is a teacher of classics, rhetoric and creative thinking in Arsakeia Schools (the oldest educational organization in Greece, founded in 1836) since 2001, holder of DEA (Paris IV, Sorbonne) and a Phd candidate in the research field “Rhetoric as a method and as a teaching subject”. She teaches experential learning at the MA of “Rhetoric, Humanities and Education”-University of Athens since 2015. Her innovative program “Teisias” for the cultivation of oral speech and communication is implemented, after teacher’s choice, in greek schools as part of “Life Skills Workshops” of the Ministry of Education. This innovative program combines classical rhetoric, techniques for generating ideas (such as de Bono’s work), principles of effective communication (Gordon model), drama in education (Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert), rhetorical games, team work and generally the concept of learning communities.

As president of the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education ( since 2009 and co-ordinator of the “Sympraxis Team for Democracy on Education”-European Democratic Education Community-Greece, she has organized on a voluntary basis more than 250 workshops of 2.300 hours’ duration all around Greece. In 2021 ActionAid Hellas assigned to her the organization of the panhellenic debate tournament as part of the European finals “Climate of Change Debates” in Brussels. She is founder and main organizer of Open Your Mind Summer Camps and International Democracy Camps for teenagers and university students since 2017. As an official TEDed Club leader, she promotes TED events in schools and universities. She believes in the power of connecting people through experiential learning and in educating kids and teens to become effective citizens through rhetorical and democratic education.

Dr. Markos Perrakis is a leadership development & process facilitator, psychologist, speaker, consultant and trainer of individuals and teams, founder and Managing Director of the EU Adult training & Counseling Provider Fractality. He designs and implements EU projects in the fields of leadership development and strategic planning, and uses eclectic appreciative approaches in the public and private sector in order to promote effective communication, individual and collective process development. He specializes in coaching, supervision, human capital development, training and assessments. He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Styles and their efficiency in organisations with publications in the fields of organizational psychology and counseling and a M.A. in clinical Psychology. He is trained in Systemic Consultation, solution focused & cognitive behavioural approaches, methods of participatory design, Spiritual Intelligence, a certified provider of Vocational Guidance and Professional Orientation, utilizing psychometric assessments and coaching tools for teams and individuals in organizational, career and personality issues and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.  He is representative of the Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe (ANSE), Member of International Intervision Groups, Scientific Assistant of SOL (Society of Organisational Learning), Scientific partner of the European Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (EUMU) in Greece, in the fields of Strategic Planning and Human Capital Development programmes.

Dr. Perrakis is one of the first persons in Greece who applied the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, which is used in the UN Summit by UN leaders. In contrast to the traditional management approaches that focus on problems, the appreciative approach makes use of the potential of the human capital of organizations


Our program takes place in the Island of Crete, one of the most exotic destinations of the Aegean Sea in Greece. The workshop and the accommodation is at the unique 4-star village resort of Porto Platanias in Chania that provides you with safe and luxurious accommodations. It is the perfect place to combine personal growth with holidays.

This Mediterranean destination embraces both sea and charming nature. Porto Platanias Village is located within walking distance from the beach and the village of Platanias. Local taverns, Greek eateries, and arts shops draw people from all around the world and contribute to the vibrant feeling of the Cretan summer, still offering 30°C (86°F) daytime temperatures and 25°C (77°F) warm sea to enjoy in September. For more information on the venue, visit: Closest international airports: Chania (24 km); Heraklion (165 km)

Participation Fee

Option A.

The fee for this course is 780 Euros each year. It includes tuition fees and educational materials, certificates. Beverages and a welcome cocktail, a one-day excursion (optional).
Accommodation and meals are not included in the above fees.

Option B.

Total full package price for participants with double room accommodation: 1,250€

All prices include:
– A 4-star hotel accommodation, 6 nights
– Breakfast
– Welcome cocktail
– Lunch
– Workshop tuition fee
– Educational materials
– Certificate of participation at the end

Additional option:

  • A half-day excursion with the group led by locals – €50

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Questions or concerns? please contact us at [email protected] or call +302106010522.
Cancellation Policy*

Until 30 days before the starting date of the selected workshop, cancellation will be free of charge and the pre-payment will be fully refunded. Between 30 to 15 days before the starting date of the workshop, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Within the 15 days before the starting date of the workshop no refunds will be made.